Car Spotting with Doug DeMuro! (Georgetown - Washington, DC)

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Doug DeMuro

25 dagar sedan

Today, we're going car spotting! I'm going to take you on a quick drive around one of my favorite areas, Georgetown in Washington, DC, and show you the cool cars that are parked in the area -- and I'll give my thoughts about all of them!
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Motaz FMO
Motaz FMO 2 timmar sedan
The BMW was parked next to a Cayan coincidence
Turbone 9 timmar sedan
3:02 Doug, you made me think my headphones broke!
Jett Rink
Jett Rink 21 timme sedan
Don't be so gleeful... those expensive vehicles are our tax dollars
Ilham Sarwar
Ilham Sarwar 23 timmar sedan
Should keep up 😊😊
Daniel Steussy
Daniel Steussy Dag sedan
11:11 shmee150 has one of those!
diego fros
diego fros Dag sedan
Lol a bmw wagon!🥴
The Galaxy's Defender
The Galaxy's Defender Dag sedan
literally all of the communities he goes to have cars that I have never ever seen in person.
John Smith
John Smith 2 dagar sedan
I really likes it Doug, keep doing it in the future. Also respect goes to you for your knowledge.
Frank Jager
Frank Jager 2 dagar sedan
So how long were you stuck in traffic there?
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 2 dagar sedan
Those Transformers statues are causing quite the stir here. Something about potentially being forced to remove them because they don’t fit the neighborhood vibe.
John Bacon
John Bacon 2 dagar sedan
at 3:18 whats with the transformers?
Togg Tlas
Togg Tlas 3 dagar sedan
I get that the Lexus LC convertible is sort of an odd duckling that no one wants... But it looks so good. So so good.
Виктор Златопольев
Виктор Златопольев 3 dagar sedan
Gelik (especially two-door) could not cost 100 thousand in any way, with all the desire .. The car is especially for the fan of Geliks.
Виктор Златопольев
Виктор Златопольев 3 dagar sedan
By the way, I myself can tell about 70 percent of cars that meet on the streets without links and Google. I can write whole epics about some cars, consisting of facts and stories ..
Chhoeut Sun
Chhoeut Sun 3 dagar sedan
How bout them Transformers?
Dominic Parker
Dominic Parker 4 dagar sedan
I stopped in DC on the way to CT from Virginia Beach just to see the Transformers
Mare Mare
Mare Mare 4 dagar sedan
Doug, who helps you with the recording . . .
Brady Walsh
Brady Walsh 4 dagar sedan
MarineMartin14 4 dagar sedan
He got very excited when he found the land rover defender!
Bohdan Kovtyk
Bohdan Kovtyk 5 dagar sedan
i like this. Ukrain
Braydon Coate
Braydon Coate 5 dagar sedan
my right ear hates doug demuro
jyexe525 5 dagar sedan
6:35 Doug doesn’t like Jaguar F-Type aha
дядя ваня
дядя ваня 5 dagar sedan
Doug, pls more Car Spotting!
Opera 5 dagar sedan
Thanks, oddly interesting..... May be “ interesting “ to see what is more downtown( GOV,. EMBASSIES, , “ Limousine/ State *& Defense “: however the Security Issues May PREVENT)...
Ikramullah Adzahabi
Ikramullah Adzahabi 6 dagar sedan
Doug: checkout here its an Audi RS5!!! Meanwhile me in Indonesia: oh look a Sienna
The Frog
The Frog 6 dagar sedan
No mention of the Transformers nor the Jaguar ‼️
marcius marciukas
marcius marciukas 6 dagar sedan
Doug stalking car 🤣
bo jans
bo jans 7 dagar sedan
How do you pronounce Porsche?
Barba Tenus Sapientes
Barba Tenus Sapientes 7 dagar sedan
What's the problem with the last BMW? I liked it.
jeanpeup 7 dagar sedan
the green maserati looked pretty cool imo
Snake 🐍 ssssshhhhh Dough: thiiiiisssssssssssssssss
ralphbenjamin4 7 dagar sedan
love these so much!!!
jeff 8 dagar sedan
My speakers were quite confused with this video
Arcadius Hakim
Arcadius Hakim 8 dagar sedan
Doug you were part of the CNC dealership SCAM, come clean. You made money on videos, of cars with stolen title where owner did not get paid. Collusion with CNC salesman.
superluig164 8 dagar sedan
7:35 so when you gonna review one!?
Final Eminence
Final Eminence 9 dagar sedan
Its not only a phantom, its a phantom in front of a Raptor!
Tom Sampson
Tom Sampson 10 dagar sedan
You missed my de-badged Arctic white 2011 E350 wagon with only 38.000 miles in Georgetown, next time.
Sean 10 dagar sedan
How dare you mock the BMW wagon!!!!
Treaco89 10 dagar sedan
Please keep doing these!
Steffen R
Steffen R 10 dagar sedan
That FJ62 is „50 shades of grey“
Collin 10 dagar sedan
Doug, what is the most expensive car you have ever seen while "car spotting?"
Jeff Czermanski
Jeff Czermanski 10 dagar sedan
He didn't even mention the transformers guarding the door.
Hamza Lodhi
Hamza Lodhi 11 dagar sedan
Doug prob won’t ever see this but assuming that Doug recorded this video the day before he posted it I was actually in Georgetown that day and saw hella exotics. I might’ve saw his lexus and not even noticed, small world
Morpheas 11 dagar sedan
So you're really not gonna comment on the Lexus you're driving? I know its a rental, but that doesnt mean it isnt a cool car.
Vertchewal 11 dagar sedan
Being rich must be great
Modern Classic Collectables
Modern Classic Collectables 11 dagar sedan
I like this side of Doug this is the OG Doug, without the commercialised! BS.
Modern Classic Collectables
Modern Classic Collectables 11 dagar sedan
3:26No one going to mention the transormers!!! no biggie!! Ah no one.. just me then.
Hans Choa
Hans Choa 11 dagar sedan
the suzuki x90 base wheels looks like a viper tv series in defender mode wheels :) i don't know if you watch that but i just see it stay safe doug
Ben Rosenberg
Ben Rosenberg 11 dagar sedan
My left air enjoyed
Just some guy with a Scud
Just some guy with a Scud 11 dagar sedan
100% correct. Porsche Cayenne is for old people. BMW X///M is the shit.
Nicholas Golde
Nicholas Golde 11 dagar sedan
Thats also not a camaro ZL1, thats an RS or SS with the 1LE package. 5th ZL1's had the early style 5th gen front end through out its whole production run. Still a cool Modern Muscle Car
Nicholas Golde
Nicholas Golde 11 dagar sedan
Im sad, I wish i saw him driving around DC, I go to georgetown just as a driving spot
Arachnid 11 dagar sedan
He forgot the raptor!
whitepxges 12 dagar sedan
I saw a McLaren 720s outside the Lincoln Memorial the other day
General Purpose
General Purpose 12 dagar sedan
the most boring car video I have ever seen bar none
キキ 12 dagar sedan
Do one in San Francisco
Luke 12 dagar sedan
Audio keeps changing
Bryan White
Bryan White 12 dagar sedan
11:10 Dogs be like...
Tr4nnel 12 dagar sedan
I can imagine people are very happy to see their expensive car and where it is parked on a 4 million subscriber channel.
Blake Tindle
Blake Tindle 12 dagar sedan
That Audi RS5 is by far my favorite car of the neighborhood!
Jeff Goddin
Jeff Goddin 12 dagar sedan
@11:00 what's under the car cover in front of the RS5???
NaCl 12 dagar sedan
he passed a miata at 4:57 ): and didn't talk about it
DJ Lew Productions Inc.
DJ Lew Productions Inc. 13 dagar sedan
It was cool that you were in DC, my hometown. Hope you come back soon.
Rahman R
Rahman R 13 dagar sedan
I had that Honda Accord growing up... 12:32 - you guessed it was stolen, stripped, I did recover the car but then I crashed it.
idkwuisp 76
idkwuisp 76 13 dagar sedan
Traffic piling up behind Doug be like: 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Quicksilver 13 dagar sedan
Is that Hoovies old RR Phantom?
Matej Lomjanski
Matej Lomjanski 13 dagar sedan
Interesting how many european cars are sold in the US. What do you think, how big is the percentage of european cars vs. american cars?
Danny R.
Danny R. 13 dagar sedan
Great idea, subbed 2 years ago. It's cool because of the volume of quick reviews. Thank you.
Naman Jain
Naman Jain 13 dagar sedan
surely this deserves a monthly series.. :)
car fan
car fan 13 dagar sedan
Did he see the f type in front of the bentayga
L8 APEX 13 dagar sedan
That was definitely NOT a camaro ZL1. It was just an SS. Come on Douglas 🤦‍♂️
Shroger_YT 14 dagar sedan
8:54 my car
dufus rufus
dufus rufus 14 dagar sedan
Fantom -Shmantom! How about them AUTOBOTS on the front lawn???!!!!!
Péter Oláh
Péter Oláh 14 dagar sedan
The first 2 cars😍😍😍😍
izuki moti
izuki moti 14 dagar sedan
The flowery bowl namely pass because colon delightfully water unlike a charming patio. deafening, incompetent replace
NXBS jeb
NXBS jeb 14 dagar sedan
Nachum Robbins
Nachum Robbins 14 dagar sedan
Again! Again! Again!
L Marcotte
L Marcotte 14 dagar sedan
See 488 today
My penis is small, but
My penis is small, but 14 dagar sedan
My dad has a ZL1 looks exactly like that dark blue with the matte black hood and black rims and I showed him this and 5 minutes later saw him outside washing it
Kryojenix 14 dagar sedan
3:07 Do I see a Chevrolet Camaro and a Freightliner Argosy (or something) just standing there behind the Phantom??? I always thought there should be a Decepticon called Savage that transformed into a modern Rolls-Royce Phantom...
Ramon 15 dagar sedan
is no one gonna ackwoldge the transformers sitting by the phantom
Wild Gaming
Wild Gaming 15 dagar sedan
The x-90 is really cute honestly but I think the roof is too tall lol
Rae x
Rae x 15 dagar sedan
you see mr2's in england a lot, if you want one come over here XD
Armando Problemas
Armando Problemas 15 dagar sedan
Go north-east DC.......where you'll be spotted and high-jacked.
upt0wndc 15 dagar sedan
Hope you got a cupcake 🧁 💪🏻 #dc
AmazingCarsCali 15 dagar sedan
This is the first time I’ve heard doug get something wrong to my knowledge. At 11:20 Doug mentions a black camaro calling it a ZL1. That is a 2014 or 2015 Camaro SS with the 1/LE option package which on the 5th generation, included different gearing in the transmission, different differential gears (3.91), better axles, better suspension, ZL1 fuel pump, NPP dual mode exhaust, a matte black hood, and some other small things that I won’t take the time to mention, but also ZL1 wheels, which is likely the cause for the confusion. Nevertheless as a 5th generation camaro owner, I’m glad they still get some recognition after being overshadowed by many of the great new cars on the market today
bustermot 15 dagar sedan
I would have super road rage, then pass and see that the idiot is him and then be embarrassed all day.
M3Vader 15 dagar sedan
3:43 worst parking space ever!
Junk or Bust
Junk or Bust 15 dagar sedan
Enjoyable! I’m not well schooled in modern cars much after 1990. It was fun to see your picks.
SCHOTZFIRED 16 dagar sedan
Did you just call that... a squarebody?
Brian McGovern
Brian McGovern 16 dagar sedan
Excellent. My favorite recurring Doug quote: "This was a terrible car, but I actually love it."
Tag 16 dagar sedan
If you go to a parking garage at 33rd and K St, there are bunch of supercars parked there.
C6Paulie 16 dagar sedan
Do more of rhese car spotting . So much fun!!
WKE Three
WKE Three 16 dagar sedan
Honda Accord was just reported stolen in Georgetown. Thanks, Doug!
Lindsey Witt
Lindsey Witt 16 dagar sedan
what is wrong with the bmw wagon I love them
Dominic Mahabir
Dominic Mahabir 16 dagar sedan
You should come to Suriname to see BMW X6. Every corner has one.
Alexei M S Cruz
Alexei M S Cruz 16 dagar sedan
seriously, one ad every minute of video run time? it's worse than regular TV... it's spoiling the fun of car spotting...
Kris Bright
Kris Bright 16 dagar sedan
Sees a Bentley then completely ignores the Jaguar...v.v
Barrett Benton
Barrett Benton 16 dagar sedan
Absolutely a thing worth repeating regularly…as in, not necessarily on a fixed schedule, but "just put it in there", Doug.
Shutbyotch 16 dagar sedan
You need to come down to Boca and hit up one of these off campus apartment complexes. It's a bunch of rich, spoiled kids with ridiculous cars. So much random stuff in one place.
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