Here Are the 2020 Doug Awards! (Best Car, Worst Car, etc.)

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Doug DeMuro

3 månader sedan

Here are the 2020 Doug Awards, where I give awards to some of the cars I've reviewed this year -- including the best cars, the worst cars, and more! Welcome to the 2020 Doug of the Year Awards!
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B-RI 3 månader sedan
🏆 The Dougies 🏆 1:52 “Doug is the type of guy” award 3:22 Most Expensive car of the year award 4:12 Bargain of the year award 5:50 Biggest Surprise of the year award 9:51 Worst Car of the year award 12:20 Video of the year 15:30 Quirkiest car of the year award 16:49 🥇Doug of the year award
MIJ.HAMMER Månad sedan
@Aaron America he’s just not tho lol
turnersexplicit Månad sedan
Omar Chaus
Omar Chaus 3 månader sedan
What about an award for the best "Doug is the type of guy" comment? There are lots of those.
DonQuixotec 3 månader sedan
You're the hero we need, but don't deserve :)
MS13 3 månader sedan
I wish everyone like you on SVfrom , thanks 👍
Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant 3 dagar sedan
Here before 3 million
L M 17 dagar sedan
how high
Benjamin Filice
Benjamin Filice 19 dagar sedan
we need doug on vinwiki for some quirky car story
AMCDS 21 dag sedan
Well done Doug! Great video.
bhsr tkm
bhsr tkm 26 dagar sedan
The halting fall basally fasten because owner postmeiotically wink about a gamy epoch. cowardly, rightful boat
Luke Meador
Luke Meador 26 dagar sedan
Neclar 27 dagar sedan
Do a 🦎 review !!!
Jason Unger
Jason Unger 27 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks the c8 is ugly? Like the back almost looks like a sedan and the whole thing is very "overstyled" like they saw a blank panel and had to put a line on it.
Mi Di
Mi Di 28 dagar sedan
I always enjoy seeing his bed hair :)
Noah Pehowic
Noah Pehowic Månad sedan
How did the Mitsubishi Mirage not make the worst car of 2017?!
VoidOfBeeswax Månad sedan
Doug, would you like to cut the umbilical cord? Yes, but first let me tell you about cars and
83_Bismuth Månad sedan
GT4 is my personal car of the year
D M Månad sedan
How does owning a car make you bias? I would say that by owning the new defender you’re just putting your money where your mouth is. Gives you more credibility in my eyes
Bram Katoen
Bram Katoen Månad sedan
numbeplate 69 is from alabama hahaha
Andrew MacIntosh
Andrew MacIntosh Månad sedan
You have an ability to put on some good lists. I hate complementing anyone; you do also have an uncanny ability to annoy me. I still watch. Good work asshole. Lol.
APEX GAMING Månad sedan
This thumbnail though
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez Månad sedan
20:50-20:59 I found so funny I had to rewind it a few times
Two Dogs AndaMan
Two Dogs AndaMan Månad sedan
Where is best handling vehicle for Mountains and Pothole award?
9184Life Månad sedan
dougs videos are like parent teacher conferences
Mukund Girgaonkar
Mukund Girgaonkar Månad sedan
Doug you should host oscars, your jokes would make a million times sense than what other actors make.
Matt K
Matt K Månad sedan
god i love this show
Lucas Martinez
Lucas Martinez Månad sedan
Great video. Still surprised that the RS6 Avant isn't in the top 5 though
Abdulkadir Omar
Abdulkadir Omar Månad sedan
20:49 the land rover purists Fantastic beasts and where to find them🤣🤣
Nicholas Tersigni
Nicholas Tersigni Månad sedan
Nice segment, Doug.
Bromley Lowe
Bromley Lowe 2 månader sedan
Could you have least wore a tuxedo top with your shorts?!? These are the Doug awards for crying out loud!
dekstar23 2 månader sedan
Rly? Car industry did not recognize SVfrom and Doug until recently? That's pretty stupid from them, I am impressed.
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 2 månader sedan
The Landrover Defender is a great car... when it runs.
boyce1204 2 månader sedan
Why no diesel option with the defender.
boyce1204 2 månader sedan
The bronco sport reminds me of the bronco II, that thing was terrible
boyce1204 2 månader sedan
Mustang mach-e was a terrible name.
Lamont Morgan
Lamont Morgan 2 månader sedan
Love the channel Doug. Never change, unless it helps you grow as a man or with God. -peace
Spiffy Grooves
Spiffy Grooves 2 månader sedan
Lol. I could afford a Defender. I bought a pilot. It is what it is.
Michael A.
Michael A. 2 månader sedan
As if Bugatti or Lambo won't attract attention?
Parker Fiskar
Parker Fiskar 2 månader sedan
Doug! Review a 21 Crosstrek with a manual transmission!
Kristiāns Ozoliņš
Kristiāns Ozoliņš 2 månader sedan
Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Acura makes too boring cars for Doug
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid 2 månader sedan
Doug and hoovie and tavarish have never done a livestream
donwa777 2 månader sedan
I can second Doug's "runner up" kudos for the Bronco Sport. I just drove my Badlands to Nashville and back to Detroit. It was outstanding. Luggage storage is on the sparse side (a rooftop carrier helps with >3 traveling), but the 2.0 Ecoboost is a gem in the Bronco Sport. Feed 'er premium, and she'll take you wherever you want to go. Fuel economy was meh (23 mpg), but that was with the Thule and setting the cruise at 80 for practically the entire way (as well as having under 3k miles on the odo at trip start). We got tons of comments and questions about it along the route. It is DEFINITELY NOT a rebadged Escape...
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 2 månader sedan
Rehab Ehab
Rehab Ehab 2 månader sedan
Awe Doug... The minivan made me tear up. Same age as you. Lol
Johan Jansen van Rensburg
Johan Jansen van Rensburg 2 månader sedan
The new Defender is a great car, it's just not a Defender. They should just have called it something else. For the record, I'm not a purist. The old Defenders are iconic, but they're pretty horrible.
Gabriel Lim
Gabriel Lim 2 månader sedan
iTs nOt bOdy on.. Fwame
David Whang
David Whang 2 månader sedan
The glib captain postsynaptically learn because parent bacteriologically alert anenst a quickest beer. hesitant, roomy computer
nickm635 2 månader sedan
No undershirt under the t-shirt!?!
TJ Daniels
TJ Daniels 2 månader sedan
Greg Makulec
Greg Makulec 2 månader sedan
How did the RS6 not make the top cars list? Honestly, I've never seen Doug so giddy while doing a review as he was for that one!
True Reed
True Reed 2 månader sedan
I sold a Supra to a lady who’s husband works for Chevy. He convinced her to get the Supra because the new c8s are not reliable what so ever
Matthew Reise
Matthew Reise 2 månader sedan
at first this channel is mildly entertaining. After a while, you realize how cringe much of the content is
cumnmrmpt aaa
cumnmrmpt aaa 2 månader sedan
We need more bronco sport type cars. There is a huge lack of offroad cars these day
cumnmrmpt aaa
cumnmrmpt aaa 2 månader sedan
"Doug is the type of guy" should be the best doug comments
FaceKidNoise 1
FaceKidNoise 1 2 månader sedan
Hell yeah!
KingCon0820 2 månader sedan
20:52 I laughed soo friken hard when he said “body on frame”
Greg Matson
Greg Matson 2 månader sedan
4th - 2nd place, boring, boxy SUVs. Yet no Durango Hellcat. The fact that it is only being made for 1 year should have it a lock for a place on the list. Then add it's faster and can tow more than the other 3 wraps it up. In a few years no one will pay any attention to the other 3, but a Durango Hellcat will draw a crowd at cars n coffee for years to come.
Omar Salinas
Omar Salinas 2 månader sedan
There's no 10 on the back with the license plates
Kurt F
Kurt F 2 månader sedan
Doug: "Ford isn't ignoring the SVfrom peoples." Ford: "Let's call it the...Mustang mach-e!"
Dagan Sauceda
Dagan Sauceda 2 månader sedan
Love your channel Doug! Your review of the 2019 BMW 330i is what led me to buy the 2020 version! Here’s to many more years of great content!
Crow 7078
Crow 7078 2 månader sedan
LOL literarly every subscribers should watch this vid lol especially last few mins with accents LMAOO
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 månader sedan
Bronco 2021 car of the year....calling it now
Jeremy Espeseth
Jeremy Espeseth 2 månader sedan
The Bronco Sport is just a rebadged 2008 Escape/Tribute/Mariner.
Egelik22 2 månader sedan
I love you doug.
Niino G
Niino G 2 månader sedan
That color with the 2 blues is horrible... wow
MV Custom Creator
MV Custom Creator 2 månader sedan
The best 2020, Koenigsegg Gemera!!! Everything else is bullshit!!!
Patrick Mackey
Patrick Mackey 2 månader sedan
“The Doug is the type of guy” videos are the ONLY reason I watch this channel! Please keep them coming!!!
NEON JACK 2 månader sedan
I feel like Doug be smoking weed on the low
Stuart Route
Stuart Route 2 månader sedan
As I was growing up in a GM factory town, you were scorned if you didn't buy a GM car. At present some likely nefarious characters have purchased one old GM site (little to no environmental clean up or zoning change. Gonna be retirement communities likely renting 1bdrm-$2100CDN. Anyway, I watched the mid engine Corvette review and was impressed. Until the part warning you about what I refer to as the OPTIMUS PRIME BOLT. Seriously, after all these years, they engineered success or failure down to some millennial thinking he'll do you a favour and drain and fill and drain and fill the trans fluid? I had an 03 Acura -TLS which had notorious trans issues. I had to sue the oil change place for $10000. That and the lack of true luxury features were my complaints. Luckily, the S type had "tip-tronic" Manual mode. Rev 5k in 2nd, then to 4th. That feature added 147,000kms before I sold it. Other than the trans, I did some serious commuting 378,000kms, sold it for$1500 in 2014. One of the best purchases I ever made. Or undo the OOPS bolt, and the car is shot. P O S
Armando 3 månader sedan
I like your show but not when you take a sh$t on cars that are everyday drivers. Not enough to stop watching though.
thedawg32 3 månader sedan
I'll be massively disappointed if this video doesn't teach me how to Dougie.
Mason Graves
Mason Graves 3 månader sedan
Does anyone remember when Doug drove that ferriari race car on the street only the go’s well remember and remember me Doug I am the guy that asked you to Dino your viper
fletchtooth 3 månader sedan
It would be cool if Doug could review the Oscar-Meyer Weinermobile. That would be fun to watch.
- HAWK -
- HAWK - 3 månader sedan
21:21 idk why this made me laugh so hard
Robby Waltz
Robby Waltz 3 månader sedan
Buccaneers 3 månader sedan
Thanks for the advice Doug I’m looking for my first car. Also I’m a big fan and I’m a subscriber.
Dappmasterpoo 3 månader sedan
you got to do a 2021 Jeep Grand waggoneer!
Jeem 3 månader sedan
I love you
SpencerTB 3 månader sedan
Doug going into major bypass surgery: Before we begin make sure to check out cars and bids!
Travy Heart
Travy Heart 3 månader sedan
Travy Heart
Travy Heart 3 månader sedan
Karl Robinson
Karl Robinson 3 månader sedan
Down dooted for not wearing a tux at your own awards show.
Drake Fay
Drake Fay 3 månader sedan
I was pretty bummed not to be able to host my annual Dougy Award viewing party this year due to the pandemic. : (
Odd 3 månader sedan
Imagine if he expected it to turn January 2021 but it changed to December 32 2020..
Josh 256m
Josh 256m 3 månader sedan
We’ve had land cruisiers in the past. Went through a lot of different suvs. Range rocers to g class. And the land cruiser was probably our favourite. We have to have a big car where we live as it’s quite country and wet (in the uk). But one mistake I think is making the new defender, a defender. It should be a discovery. And we kept. The old one. Farmers don’t really have new vehicles to buy anymore
AidanHodgesMusic 3 månader sedan
the mustang mach e is “aFORDable”
Georgije2 3 månader sedan
Kind of disappointed about the lack of Audi RS6 Avant in this video, it was definitely my favourite car this year.
Cyc0Dud3 3 månader sedan
Hey Doug, can't believe the year is over (but i'm glad it is) doesn't seem like a year has passed since the last Doug Awards! Keep up the good work man!
Matt 3 månader sedan
Prob wouldn’t say is bias since it’s your reward, more like proof is in the pudding.
Денис Трошко
Денис Трошко 3 månader sedan
u are epic)
ilikegameswithnopcplayerscauziamamobileuser SDTMP
ilikegameswithnopcplayerscauziamamobileuser SDTMP 3 månader sedan
Ooh Yea
João Guilherme
João Guilherme 3 månader sedan
I think this video didn't get more views because of the Thumbnail hahahahah
Sabūr Ali Khan
Sabūr Ali Khan 3 månader sedan
Video of the year could be RS6 Avant!!!
superfly3628 3 månader sedan
We still need the story on the CLS Shooting Brake
rj playstatio
rj playstatio 3 månader sedan
doug the type of guy to hate the purists of 4x4 for wanting a proper 4x4 or namesake and how he didnt want a "normal minivan" then mention his 90s oldsmobile minivan reviews like 40times XD
Tadasivar 3 månader sedan
Dont buy a Defender. Not because is not an actual Defender. Because Land Rover is terrible
Andy C
Andy C 3 månader sedan
Jon Galt
Jon Galt 3 månader sedan
The new corvette is special
Eric Ch. Weber
Eric Ch. Weber 3 månader sedan
cant wait for the cybertruck
Memes Boiii
Memes Boiii 3 månader sedan
doug the type of guy not to mention “doug the type of guy” comments in the “doug the type of guy” award
Memes Boiii
Memes Boiii 3 månader sedan
doug also the type of guy not to understand what i mean in this comment since i said too many “doug the type of guy”
Brian K
Brian K 3 månader sedan
you should link your videos of the winners
marcoxtv 3 månader sedan
I like the q50 what
gs mmibmw
gs mmibmw 3 månader sedan
Doug your scores are all way to weighted towards modern cars, they are the most unreliable cars in history should be towards the bottom of your list!
Mr. Reese
Mr. Reese 3 månader sedan
The Lagonda and Vector are two of my most favorite videos on this channel of all time. They were basically made for this channel :D. Also, we already know which car will be the most quirky one and the most Doug one - the Unimog :D.
jrodificator1 3 månader sedan
doug the kind of guy to use a shammy with his laptop on his 30 year old wagon but not on his 400k supercar
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