Here Are the 10 Worst Cars I've Ever Reviewed

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Doug DeMuro

18 dagar sedan

Today I'm going over the 10 worst cars Doug DeMuro has ever reviewed. These are the 10 cars that are the very worst cars I've reviewed, and I will explain why they're so bad and what makes them the worst cars I've reviewed.
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Robbie's Incoherent thoughts
Robbie's Incoherent thoughts 32 minuter sedan
Any land Rover just out of warranty should top this list
Baja Kobaja
Baja Kobaja Timme sedan
Balkanci ima li vas???
Alexandru Jurje
Alexandru Jurje Timme sedan
Yugo and Trabant. They top any worst car list by default. :) Coming at you from Eastern Europe, Romania. But there are some other East European cars that are worse than Yugo and Traby, but they are not so famous. Wanna try Dacia 500, my hometown version of halfYugo :)
Davis Wall
Davis Wall Timme sedan
I had a friend with a Yugo in the 80’s and the one thing I recall is that when you put the car in reverse, the radio shut off --
Simon Dawson
Simon Dawson Timme sedan
@haslerdesigns is definitely a brit, I saw an inbetweeners and a peep show reference in the 3 seconds his page was on screen haha
endrizo Timme sedan
The iseta was an iso italian design
endrizo Timme sedan
You should have lived the war to learn to respect those cheap little cars a bit more. They were made with the very scarce resources available and with great imagination. They had merit.
Josh J
Josh J 2 timmar sedan
I love how Doug has a Ford GT, for a person who has experienced so many great cars to buy one, says a lot of how great and timeless a GT is!
Purplerain 2 timmar sedan
fun fact the mercedis metris here in germany is called vito and the german people love them
Xander Schilperoort
Xander Schilperoort 3 timmar sedan
I love how a few of the cars one this list, are or were really good cars in Europe 😂 like, are our standards just low, or are Americans spoiled! My bet is on the last one😂
kakhi solomnishvili
kakhi solomnishvili 3 timmar sedan
where is Volga? :))
Daniel Henry Vlogs
Daniel Henry Vlogs 3 timmar sedan
hey, Doug can you a top 10 best cars you ever reviewed?
Jan Verheyen
Jan Verheyen 4 timmar sedan
Worst cars : Wartburg & Lada samara!!
ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ 5 timmar sedan
This was,very amusing. Like gossiping,about cars.
Onlyincbus 6 timmar sedan
I watched this just to see where a Maserati was on the list
Pfirtzer 6 timmar sedan
The car DogDeMuro loved to make fun of got an upgrade, yes it's the Yugo:,
BebéTechManiac 2018
BebéTechManiac 2018 8 timmar sedan
Agree with that Mirage opinion, but not all Mitsubishi cars are bad. I have been using for almost 10 years the ASX /Outlander Sport 2011, still driving perfectly and no mechanical issues. The only expenses in almost 10 years... oil change, tires, battery, intake filter, front break pads (the ones on the back still fine)... nothing else, just the normal expenses. I'm 6' tall, and is a comfortable drive. Next one probably will be a BMW X1 or X3, I like it a lot.
Mark Baxter
Mark Baxter 10 timmar sedan
Small side point: the Trabant wasn't built by communists. It was built in a country trying to achieve communism, but never did. Even the Soviet Union admitted it hadn't achieved communism.
Ray Ban
Ray Ban 12 timmar sedan
I loved my yugster, the brakes were great, burned them once, three wheel turns were common, I had it up on two wheels more often than I'm willing to admit. Driving in the rain and snow was a blast. I was a mechanic at the time, I had that thing chirping in third gear. I knew a Ukrainian guy who took it to buy beer once, he was the only one who successfully drove that beast, boy he was mad! I warned him, he didn't listen.
Harry Lime
Harry Lime 12 timmar sedan
Sure the Ferret has poor visibility but it's a better bet when bullets are flying. Plus it can do 60 mph in reverse which is handy.
Rusty Man
Rusty Man 13 timmar sedan
We love these reviews. Pontiac Aztek somehow dodges a bullet, uglier than Homer Simpson's designed car and described as looking like it been blown up. Doug hasn't reviewed a Morris Marina yet, why, there illegal to import due to safety reasons.
Farang Forevet
Farang Forevet 13 timmar sedan
Your video is simply reproducing the stereotypes that the rest of the world have for the USA people......
Antoine 16 timmar sedan
nissan cross cabriolet?? For that money you could buy a manatee!!!
Jan van de Ven
Jan van de Ven 19 timmar sedan
The yugo was first car i owned until i took a roundabout too fast and must have hit a kerb or something The rear suspension was warped after that so i turned it in
Nikolay Klimchuk
Nikolay Klimchuk 20 timmar sedan
It looks like I watched all 10 reviews of worst cars
Nostro De La Antares
Nostro De La Antares 21 timme sedan
This guy doesn't understand jackshit about cars, Isetta, Yugo and Trabants are great cars, they do exactly what they are meant to.
Philip Larsen
Philip Larsen 22 timmar sedan
Yugo rules. Check the video where yugo was stay 15years in arizona desert and it started ... engine didn't stuck
Scott Delinger
Scott Delinger 22 timmar sedan
The Volga Gaz 11-24 for whatever) isn’t in the ten worst?!
dr Arsla74
dr Arsla74 22 timmar sedan
yugo is cheap in Serbia .. max 500$ full repair with all new parts.. 200 $ we love it..
Ser Bat
Ser Bat 23 timmar sedan
You're too stupid to talk about cars
Woolly360 Dag sedan
I'm sad you put the trabant here.. My dream car..
Boots N Pants
Boots N Pants Dag sedan
Cadi ELR looks like a Gaming mouse 🖱
Fischeule Dag sedan
An unwise and stupid vid.
Steven Kyros the inkling guy
Steven Kyros the inkling guy Dag sedan
Good thing Aztek wasnt worst
Tim Z
Tim Z Dag sedan
Where was the PT Cruiser? LOL
Eel Marwen
Eel Marwen Dag sedan
You should review the Ford Model T!
Guido Jansen
Guido Jansen Dag sedan
The ride in the Trabant on East German cobble stone roads was better than with the Opel Rekord my parents owned back in the days when we visited our GDR relatives. And it has a built in theft protection as it has no fuel pump.
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz
Mateusz Wojtkiewicz Dag sedan
"but you keep in mind you're wrong" lol
P Dg
P Dg Dag sedan
Even if it is a bit mean to compare the Trabant (Trabbi/East Germany) and the BMW Isetta (West Germany) with modern cars...hold my beer: Google for "Messerschmitt Kabinenroller", it beats them all. By the way, if the Trabant was the VW of the GDR, the "Wartburg 1.3" was the Mercedes. I look forward to the review *nudge*
DoctorDoctor Dag sedan
I’ve been thinking of whom you remind me. Now I know. Good try Quentin. Good try..
gas-powered-crusader Dag sedan
Certainly those were the MOST interesting reviews. Not another 700HP McLaren or AMG that are super fast and super everything. I enjoy these old and crummy car reviews since they are special and interesting. More older cars please! 😊
isaiahwashere Dag sedan
tell me why i knew the end would be an isetta
Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron Dag sedan
Austin Allegro..."Hold my square steering wheel"....."oh you are,..Can i have it back?".
Thomas Kurz
Thomas Kurz Dag sedan
Well there is a reason Yugos and Trabants were quite common in eastern europe. Until the fall of the iron curtain, these were more or less the only cars you could buy as a regular citizen. So it was either go by foot or drive a Yugo.:) If you were a member of the political party or had access to western currency then you could get a nice western car, or one of the russian luxury limusines. Something similar goes for the Isetta, it was desgined in the 50s, when people in Europe after the war were still low on money, but industrial output was going up again, and people wanted a bit of luxury, while little bikes like Vespas were the preferred way to get around for most, the ones a bit better off could afford an Isetta or similar vehicle. Of course seen from today's perspective these are terrible cars, but it still beats walking to work.
pienzelchen Dag sedan
What was the movie where everybody was driving a Yugo?
James Robinson
James Robinson Dag sedan
There was one in a Die Hard movie.
Георгий Чеботарёв
Георгий Чеботарёв Dag sedan
rdkater Dag sedan
the worst car is one way to expensive for what it is
Am I wrong or did you forget the VOLGA GAZ 2410? 😂😂😂
Clay3613 Dag sedan
Jezza would say the car behind you is one of worst.
New Jeffersonian
New Jeffersonian Dag sedan
Doug, I enjoy watching your car reviews, but for heaven's sake do something about your hands.
Victoria Random
Victoria Random Dag sedan
I could see the Iasetta for al de 1 m long that it is, I wasn not wrong.
Steven Maginnis
Steven Maginnis Dag sedan
The Yugo is only number three? :-D
Steven Maginnis
Steven Maginnis Dag sedan
One thing worse than a sport utility convertible is a sport utility stretch limousine.
George Adams
George Adams Dag sedan
Making love to Doug was one of the most bizzare experiences of my life
Ostsol Dag sedan
As soon as you mentioned the Yugo, I knew you had to bring up the Trabant! I had a coworker who grew up in Bulgaria during the communist era. To him, "Trabant" was the go-to pejorative for bad cars. It's not a "lemon," it's a Trabant. He swore by Italian cars, but hated the Fiats being sold in North America.
Mickey Bitsko
Mickey Bitsko Dag sedan
Your tee shirt mentions one of the all-time worst. The Audi Allroad had a 100% transmission failure rate right about the time the warranty ran out. Literally 100%. The repair cost was breathtaking. Few survive, and they are of almost no value.
Enzhou Zutzut
Enzhou Zutzut Dag sedan
where is Honda Civic?
regalmikey Dag sedan
Iam shocked the PT Cruiser was not on this list. If I recall in that video you said that was one of the worst cars ever
Rusty Thrombosis
Rusty Thrombosis Dag sedan
"The ELR seemed like a good idea at the time"... so did that haircut, I bet, DOUG!!!! JK, I love your videos. And that haircut.
inquizative44 Dag sedan
I remember going to a car show and the Yugo was on display. It was literally falling apart on display.
RedLeader Dag sedan
You gonna diss Erkel like that!?!
nathanixslade 2 dagar sedan
Mitsubishi Mirage is worst than DeLorean ?
Horst Helge
Horst Helge 2 dagar sedan
To be honest, Doug, even though you rated the top two the worst, seeing your reviews, you seemed to have the most fun in them^^ Btw.....I really thought "The Thing" would be in this list^^
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero 2 dagar sedan
I really trust you, please dont sell out. You are the last impartial reviewer out there
TexMex 2 dagar sedan
Me scrubbing through the video: Thank god my car is not in here.
Andrija Grbušić
Andrija Grbušić 2 dagar sedan
Yugo is the oldest one here I think. It can outlive you, trust me. If company wasn't ruined by the Yugoslavian president and whole goverment it would be one of the better for sure...
Markku Hänninen
Markku Hänninen 2 dagar sedan
Soviet union seemed to build cars in style i drew them when i was six year old.
Britt Saunders
Britt Saunders 2 dagar sedan
I'd actually take a Yugo over a Mitsubishi Mirage. The Yugo is at least a conversation piece. The Mirage is just..."Why?" And then there's the Nissan Murano cabriolet...another "Why?" vehicle. Just scary.
Corsa15DT 2 dagar sedan
Not 1 hybrid is good, they are all hype jobs, marketing and blind progress.
Redgolf2 2 dagar sedan
No surprise then, Doug hates any car not built in the US then..... Many US cars I’d have had on this list instead
Stefan Blakeman
Stefan Blakeman 2 dagar sedan
Iif i had to walk i all take car . These cars where better than a motorcycle and better on fuel and kept you dry
Stefan Blakeman
Stefan Blakeman 2 dagar sedan
Cost and price , is the main Reasons is cannot spend any money to get to work. I must be able to look after my self ???
Yi Li
Yi Li 2 dagar sedan
so.... the cars worse than the armor car... jeez... how bad they are.....
Dili Didli
Dili Didli 2 dagar sedan
What I understand out of it is the only car that still beeing sold to this day making this list is a mercedez. And it is 4th and only beat by stuff that have been made almost 40 years ago.
SHERBERT 2 dagar sedan
I owned a 99 silver Mitsubishi Mirage it was pretty though it was like a bad ass Honda Civic 5 speed
Conan Dombroski
Conan Dombroski 2 dagar sedan
I will never forget the time I drove a Yugo. Easily the cheapest feeling car I've ever driven or ridden in. Literally felt like tinfoil body. So weak and fragile.
Dunigan3 2 dagar sedan
so the mirage is the modern yugo then
Aaron Leverton
Aaron Leverton 2 dagar sedan
I choose to take the fact that the Daimler Ferret Scout Car was only No. 8 as an incredibly positive sign, considering that the other nine cars were specifically designed to be sold domestically and driven on paved roads and not to spend their time crashing through the bush and lurking about looking for the enemy before making a hasty off-road retreat while radioing vital troop movement information up the chain of command.
mark champoux
mark champoux 2 dagar sedan
Audi's Allroad as your T-shirt notes isn't even on the list?
Mori kante Yeke Yeke
Mori kante Yeke Yeke 2 dagar sedan
Aah shut up.
Panos Kos
Panos Kos 2 dagar sedan
Very nice video, Doug! Try a little slow talking for us, the not US viewers! I am looking forward for better ones, like best ever american cars, best cars with manual gearbox etc! Congratulations, again! Keep on
Necroguttural 2 dagar sedan
LOL this guy is terrible. Apart that he moves like an idiot, he just talks shit about cars without giving any explanation, like the small mitsubishi. It is bad cos it is bad, thats what he says
Rayrard 2 dagar sedan
I don't think an armored vehicle was intended to be driven like that. Might as well jump in a Mk1 tank from WW1 and put it #1 on the list.
juice z
juice z 2 dagar sedan
starts at 3 mins
Amir Case
Amir Case 2 dagar sedan
I drove mitsubishi lancer and it is a damn fine car...
Amir Case
Amir Case 2 dagar sedan
The armored car gives you a taste of being in afghanistan in america
Greg Ferenz
Greg Ferenz 2 dagar sedan
Does anyone think doug smoked some crack before shooting this video?...I mean..he is beyond hyper...
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović 2 dagar sedan
Douglas should actually buy himself a car first.
Robert Kukulis
Robert Kukulis 2 dagar sedan
WTB Volga? Lada?
Alpharius Omegon
Alpharius Omegon 2 dagar sedan
#1 toyota prius
Martin 2 dagar sedan
Love this video Doug. You have a unique voice and literally no-one else in the world has one the same. You should have your own talk radio show. I only wish you could come to the UK and do 10 worst UK cars ever. Most importantly, your sheer enthusiasm for the cars - good and bad - is a joy to watch and to hear. Please... never stop making your vidz 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
99codemister 2 dagar sedan
Forget about the list... what is the armored vehicle doing on this *CHANNEL*?
Ганг Рена
Ганг Рена 2 dagar sedan
Doug, do you know which convertible car first had rear glass with a heater in the canvas roof? It was believe it or not, Yugo!
Caden Hitchcock
Caden Hitchcock 2 dagar sedan
2 words: Peel P50
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius 2 dagar sedan
Hey demuro review an Indian car any Indian car I hope your list will add up few more than
『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф
『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф 2 dagar sedan
Someone have a timestamp?? I don't sit through sponsored content anymore.
Thomas Hirom
Thomas Hirom Dag sedan
My b, lemme take time out my day to give u a time stamp so u don’t have to defile ur eyes by sitting through the sponsored content that pays for this video you want to watch.
Miloš Lošmi
Miloš Lošmi 2 dagar sedan
Yugo is the best car on the 🌍
olivier Bourrée
olivier Bourrée 3 dagar sedan
The Isetta ? You haven't tried a Messerschmitt Kabinenroller.
Phil Jenkins
Phil Jenkins 3 dagar sedan
So weird how you explained the Doug Score animation in this video when in the last video I saw it and thought about it and how neat it was. I don't watch a ton of videos or in any particular order but I randomly click on this and then you explain the animation. Get out of my head.
Chris Agnew
Chris Agnew 3 dagar sedan
As for the Quattroporte - If you must have Venti-ports, you will probably be better off getting a Buick.
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