The 2021 BMW M3 Is a Fantastic Sport Sedan

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Doug DeMuro

Månad sedan

The 2021 BMW M3 is here -- and it's great! Today I'm reviewing the M3 with a 6-speed manual transmission, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new G80 M3. Then I'm going to drive the new BMW M3, and I'll show you what it's like on the road.
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Øz Woods
Øz Woods 4 timmar sedan
Does anyone know how tall doug is?
Øz Woods
Øz Woods 4 timmar sedan
I for one love Eve about this car especially the looks including the grill it's an amazing looking car to me
Mario_269 4 timmar sedan
why is this in the chuki beats music folder haha
Leve levi
Leve levi 15 timmar sedan
last time you had this fun Doug was the m2 competition bro
David Uba
David Uba 20 timmar sedan
Yeah.... fantastic till it breaks
It aint Ralph tho.
It aint Ralph tho. 22 timmar sedan
Camel toe grill🤣
fleuger99 Dag sedan
The carbon fiber trim is an extra cost item, standard is metal weave. Nice car, need to test drive one.
Arachnosoft - Maxime Abbey
Arachnosoft - Maxime Abbey Dag sedan
Can't believe they're actually going back to such nice colors, 6 cylinders, and true MANUAL transmissions with 3 pedals... Being fond of green, in love with melodic sounds, and a big stick shift enthusiast, I couldn't be happier to see that in 2021. I was sure that we would have been stuck forever with the bland white/gray/black trio, dual clutch automatics, hybrid/electric tech, and V8s. It means that I might actually be able to buy one of these in twenty years, when the prices will be much more closer to what I can afford! And kudos to you, Doug, for being so enthusiast with manual transmissions. Pretty rare in the US!
Clickumentary Dag sedan
I like the grill. It will grow on you. People complained about 5 series evolutions, but looking back now it seems ridiculous. It's daring and bold. This is how design should be.
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch Dag sedan
For some reason the first time is saw this grill i was like "WTF!" and during this review i came to kinda like it. That's so messed up.
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
I love Doug’s emphasis of the manual transmission. Completely agree, easy decision of choosing the manual transmission over the Competition model.
Jk Prod.
Jk Prod. 2 dagar sedan
E30 Owners be like : Meh 😏
one won
one won 2 dagar sedan
doug looks like he took some meth before this review. his hands are going everywhere 😂
De Ce
De Ce 3 dagar sedan
Why would BMW polarize their fan base? This is the only performance car by an elite manufacturer that the Grill looks better WITH a license plate than without.
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Martinez 3 dagar sedan
Guess I'm one out of five people. Also kinda rude to disregard that they specifically state they don't want to please everyone. the 1/5 is specific to their target audience.
Spandan Kapadia
Spandan Kapadia 3 dagar sedan
Me after listening to engine sounds: Where Pop?
Eitamar 3 dagar sedan
Please add another camera angel to the driving part already!!! This should be the best part of the review but all we see is your face
Grady Morgan
Grady Morgan 3 dagar sedan
I dont hate the front end its such a nice car, for me its forgivable.
Natalie Rehkemper
Natalie Rehkemper 4 dagar sedan
It's an m3 and he spends the majority of the video on the interior.
Eloka Benson
Eloka Benson 4 dagar sedan
I like the grill don't know why people are complaining
Ruby Foster
Ruby Foster 4 dagar sedan
Just cannot agree with your assessment that it looks good from "every other angle". You said it yourself, it looks "cartoon-ish". Too right. The door handles are far too big. Their deep, circular recesses are misplaced with the sharp edges of the body panels. The wheel design is haphazard and strange. The stupid mirror design is completely off, too. The whole front end appears unsure of what it wants to express. It's a major failure in design and it's the worst-looking M3 that has ever been conceived. Far too many hands in the pie-too many "ayes" in the board room. It's a disgrace.
Andrew Langellier
Andrew Langellier 4 dagar sedan
I would buy the m340i and just modify it
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 5 dagar sedan
11:37 But that feature with the M sport is actually great for someone like me who still aspires to learn to drive manual💡 👏🏼 genius by BMW
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 5 dagar sedan
Absolutely accurate Doug. If it wasn’t for that puffer fish lung-***-grille....
Bradford Stearman
Bradford Stearman 5 dagar sedan
Bradford Stearman
Bradford Stearman 5 dagar sedan
I can’t un•see it!!!
pxgq55a 6 dagar sedan
Gross. The E46 was the last of the M3s, in my opinion.
MrFishSticks 6 dagar sedan
Only the 1 out of 5 people can hit like 👍
ricric 6 dagar sedan
Do not like, never will like that grill.
SHURA 7 dagar sedan
the ugliest BMW design language ever. I hope they are gonna realize and change it
Skips 8 dagar sedan
11:51 wet finger man
Yoni Lavitz
Yoni Lavitz 8 dagar sedan
Well the 1 in 5 can actually afford it. The other 4 don’t matter
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 8 dagar sedan
There’s a lot of good sports sedans. This shit is trash
pepe75 8 dagar sedan
the m version grill looks not that bad at all
Gabriel Baril
Gabriel Baril 9 dagar sedan
Its sound like shit hahahaha
ROHIT’S PRODUCTION 9 dagar sedan
Why does the front look like a Alfa Romeo?? And the rear lights look like they are copied of a À spec Acura sedan
TD2O CKXC 9 dagar sedan
They should quit the designer of that car ( 4 , 3 series)
Natalie Anna
Natalie Anna 9 dagar sedan
VERY disappointing. I'm a manual girl (x2 cars- 2002 Jetta Turbo and BMW340i xdrive) and I really don't understand why they won't offer a manual in the upper levels.
Philippe Gélinas
Philippe Gélinas 10 dagar sedan
The only thing I like about the new M3 is that you can still have a stick shift otherwise. Not a fan of the front grills, the interior, the taillights, the twin turbo engine and the fact that it's almost 4000 pounds. Far from an E30 M3 which IMO is WAY better than this car
Philippe Gélinas
Philippe Gélinas 10 dagar sedan
Glad I kept my E36 M3 the new ones are disgusting
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 10 dagar sedan
Only here to see how many angry manx-ers there are with their self-governing sovereign state and world famous motorcycle race being reduced to being part of the UK with a simple car race 😂
Venice Saint
Venice Saint 10 dagar sedan
They could of at the least modified the exhaust on that M3
Онлайн-кассы Ростов
Онлайн-кассы Ростов 10 dagar sedan
six in five)))))))))))))))))
Abhiraj Jit
Abhiraj Jit 10 dagar sedan
The front is polarizing and could have done better. Thanks to BMW for not launching this kind of design in India
Leo Susana
Leo Susana 10 dagar sedan
Can i used the car without a front bumper or do i have to rock the big ass grill 🤔🤔
TheIndulgers 11 dagar sedan
"Most attractive M3 ever" are you serious?! It's a disaster. The grill, the weird door/fender crease fair, the double hood 'scoops', the Mustang fastback, no Hofmeister kink. It is ugly. Not to mention it is objectively heavier and more expensive.
Patrizia Anne Santiago
Patrizia Anne Santiago 11 dagar sedan
Not sure if it's just me but the front reminds me of an Alfa Romeo and the back looks like an older Lexus IS
Andrei Stoica
Andrei Stoica 11 dagar sedan
I love the grill to be fair
Omar Salazar
Omar Salazar 11 dagar sedan
Doug seems like the guy in high school that people didn’t know if he was gay or not
EXIA 11 dagar sedan
Well, after watching this, I will go to the dealer tomorrow and trade my M3 CS for the manual, I really want a my manual back.
Zyclown B
Zyclown B 11 dagar sedan
This looks like ass
Abba Rasheed
Abba Rasheed 12 dagar sedan
Best looking M3?? The F80 hasn't even been dead that long. And who could forget the E46!
Shaikh Fayyaz
Shaikh Fayyaz 13 dagar sedan
Doug’s been speeding up his videos lately 💯💯
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan 13 dagar sedan
I'm not sure on it. The side is very BMW, but rear end looks like the Lexus IS (with a horrible after-thought rear bumper) and the "lungs" just make it look like it has overly large nostrils on the front. Come to think of it, the rest of the front bumper looks quite IS like too...
Tanay Ganguly
Tanay Ganguly 13 dagar sedan
all jokes aside i actually like this grill more
The Chad
The Chad 13 dagar sedan
I still think the E46 M3 is the best looking M3
Dominik Fulop
Dominik Fulop 14 dagar sedan
Just take a second and appreciate the m-tech short-shift knob from the e46
Steve Sulak
Steve Sulak 14 dagar sedan
Best looking M3 ever? Are you high?
Vigor Gaming
Vigor Gaming 14 dagar sedan
the grills on the m3 and m4 are so ugly and disgusting AF. 🤦🏻‍♂️
F165 14 dagar sedan
The best looking M3 was the one that made 333 hp.
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett 14 dagar sedan
I don't like the way he says "this"
Michael Fallone
Michael Fallone 14 dagar sedan
I think the grille is stunning. I want one.
Olekk ‘
Olekk ‘ 14 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy to call his first child a «entry-level»
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 15 dagar sedan
I must say the front grille didnt seem as bad to me at first, but after doug pointed it out I was definitely finding it disproportionate, however it almost gives it a bugati like look. They shouldve given the base model an improvement in torque however. The 30 hp is fairly negligible, but to rob the manual transmission of some torque improvement over the outgoing model is a shame, especially since the automatic gets a full 80 ft lbs. Hopefully they give us some better numbers in the next couple years. And having AWD as an available option in the base model would also be a big bonus for those of us up north who want to us this as a daily driver.
Wyatt Clark
Wyatt Clark 15 dagar sedan
The new grills are awful
Wyatt Clark
Wyatt Clark 15 dagar sedan
Attention to all bmw employees before the car leaves make sure the blinkers work
John James
John James 15 dagar sedan
No originality and ugly as f
Chris 16 dagar sedan
everyone loses their shit over the m3 because of the manual (including myself) so why aren’t more manufacturers doing that?
Ben Nemzek
Ben Nemzek 16 dagar sedan
"grill aside this is a fantastic car" lmao
Funtime FunWolfy
Funtime FunWolfy 16 dagar sedan
heeeyyyy I saw my city San Juan Btw we have the Suzuki Samurai
J D 16 dagar sedan
I just drove a base M4 in dark blue. 1. The grille looks GREAT. 2. It’s fast. 3. Do NOT like the carbon fiber seats - would go with the standard seats.
JaKBaLL TV 16 dagar sedan
looks like a upgraded Jetta with a weird grill
Christian Alberto
Christian Alberto 16 dagar sedan
The grill looks great! What are you talking about?!?!?! Great looking car!
Terry Lankford
Terry Lankford 16 dagar sedan
I dig the front grill!
DefyYourLogic 16 dagar sedan
I find it highly unlikely that with an automatic, +25ish hp and +70ish torque the C is only .2 quicker 0-60 than the regular M4.
Frejborg 16 dagar sedan
That colour is gorgeous. The grill is fine imo.
Mohammad Arshadi
Mohammad Arshadi 16 dagar sedan
The car was beautiful the person speaking ... extremely annoying 🤪🤪🤪
asnpcwiz 16 dagar sedan
I stopped watching when Doug said it’s the most gorgeous M3 ever created. #E30isBetter
Oscar 17 dagar sedan
That grille would be beautiful if it were about half the size. This would be the most beautiful sedan on the market if not for the grille.
Neal P
Neal P 17 dagar sedan
I had a 2014 335 and it leaked oil from almost every gasket. I would only lease a BMW if I ever wanted one again.
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers 18 dagar sedan
Chris Dangle did the front end ?
Joe Pere
Joe Pere 18 dagar sedan
Audi’s grill is the entire front end Yet I don’t see any criticism If you don’t like it don’t buy it I think it looks great . BMW always on the forefront and always advancing
Myc 777
Myc 777 18 dagar sedan
Doug has a wound on his index finger finger at 14:45. Lets give him a doug score
Zubr Bydle
Zubr Bydle 18 dagar sedan
"Hello I'm Doug DeMuro, and this is the ugliest M3 ever made" (Profile is very good, but front ....)
jose lopez
jose lopez 18 dagar sedan
I love the Grille
Mathis Beaulieu
Mathis Beaulieu 18 dagar sedan
I'm gonna say it, a manual 2021 M3 is like a modernized E39 M5
Darth Virgin
Darth Virgin 18 dagar sedan
actually, the new large grill design is kinda growing on me.
A.hunty 18 dagar sedan
So only 20% of people like the kidney grills
Fitzgoblin 19 dagar sedan
What about the M2 with a manual?
D J 20 dagar sedan
ew. why isn't the rear door flared?
BurntFaceMan 20 dagar sedan
IMHO This BMW is why more BMW owners are becoming Audi Owners. it looks like an old 3series with a few modern aftermarket upgrades.. rather than a brand new M3.. It's odd, and kinda sad to see BMW no longer the stand out car...
BenCNS 20 dagar sedan
I had to out this video on 144p, even that didn’t make the grille tolerable
The Boyfriend Of Your Wife
The Boyfriend Of Your Wife 19 dagar sedan
drama queen 😂
Abhishek Mhatre FA 44
Abhishek Mhatre FA 44 20 dagar sedan
Actually m3 looks hot I like it
Droger Flav
Droger Flav 20 dagar sedan
The base m3 sounds fun ass hell
prince kelly
prince kelly 20 dagar sedan
If it's not you reviewing a car then I'm not watching it
nihil1 21 dag sedan
The front grill actually looks way better if: 1) the car is black 2) it has the front license plate installed.
leo kerz
leo kerz 21 dag sedan
I think that it looks fine lmao
the_ritter_special 21 dag sedan
The old grille was tiny and wimpy. I love the look, it’s mean and it finally looks complete
moody edge
moody edge 21 dag sedan
Isle of Man is lush lol....You mean bleak. the famous race is the TT ....Which is MOTORBIKES.
Dennis MichealsE92M3
Dennis MichealsE92M3 21 dag sedan
These do look good all black
Jay T
Jay T 22 dagar sedan
Save the manual It’s suck you can’t get the 6speed xdrive
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