The McLaren Artura Is McLaren’s Newest $250,000 Supercar

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Doug DeMuro

Månad sedan

The McLaren Artura is the latest McLaren model. Today I'm taking you on a thorough tour of a pre-production Artura to show you the quirks and features of the new "entry-level" McLaren supercar -- and I'll show you the ins and outs of the Artura.
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Jack Maddox
Jack Maddox 4 timmar sedan
McLaren design reminds me of Taco Bell; about a half dozen distinctive features (lights, ducts, front end/rear end etc.) and every model is just an assemblage of some combination of those basic ingredients... I'm not criticizing it, however, I personally really like the look of the Artura, and it reminds me of the GT, which in that sorta metallic olive green color is one the sexiest cars I've ever seen... At least, to my personal taste, which is of course subjective... But still... It's a chalupa....
Pazzo Luna
Pazzo Luna 9 timmar sedan
There is NO SUCH THING as "pound feet". There are inch pounds and foot pounds. Pounds at one inch and pounds at one foot. That is, if you apply five hundred pounds of pressure to a one foot wrench, you are putting five hundred foot pounds of torque to a bolt or nut. 500 lbs. ft. means 500 lbs. at 1 ft. Pound feet sounds as ridiculous as it is. Ten pounds at one inch are inch pounds. You wouldn't say pound inches, would you?
Queliosha 17 timmar sedan
Really a surprising amount of quality of life improvements in the entry-level McLaren here. Impressive!
Mike O'Barr
Mike O'Barr 3 dagar sedan
Well I was gonna buy one but now that I know it has door handles I'll stick with my Kia.
Enoch The Witness
Enoch The Witness 4 dagar sedan
The best McLaren was the F1 and F1 LM, which also did up to 240mph like 20yrs ago. All the other McClarens fall short and lack the genuine originality of the F1. They also all look the same. F1 looks best.
ThxComeAgain 5 dagar sedan
Lol, people complaining that this beautiful car looks like the previous... Beautiful car...
YouTube user
YouTube user 7 dagar sedan
Here from his other video
Jacob Rotundo
Jacob Rotundo 8 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy to do a 24 minute video on a car he can’t even turn on.
E 8 dagar sedan
Why TF am I watching this... It's not like I'll ever be able to have one.
Ryan 10 dagar sedan
I think it will be a great car. I'm sure driving it will be just as great as other McLarens.
Ezio Yang
Ezio Yang 10 dagar sedan
they just keep producing so many products n make Mclaren's depression very very massive n patheic
Gd Supreme
Gd Supreme 10 dagar sedan
Who's here after seeing Doug's newest video?
riomp300 10 dagar sedan
Funny I watched the Maybach 62 and even the Ford ST video but skipped this "special" car until seeing the video. He's so pissed he posted it on his main channel instead of More Doug Demuro
Ian Hammett
Ian Hammett 10 dagar sedan
The screen looks so odd , like it broke of and is hanging there. It looks terrible!
Buck Hughes
Buck Hughes 11 dagar sedan
Here to check on that McLaren fatigue
Roland Hayes
Roland Hayes 11 dagar sedan
Ok, Doug. McLaren Artura or NSX if you’re spending YOUR money. Which one?
Gd Supreme
Gd Supreme 10 dagar sedan
Nsx hands down.
Mikael Sareshwala
Mikael Sareshwala 11 dagar sedan
He said his view count ain't good here so came here to try and increase it
lukalik021 11 dagar sedan
Douggy u said your viewcount as you said is bad on this video so im watching so you can be happy again
BUGO HOSS 11 dagar sedan
Doug I am watching this because in your latest video you said this video didn't do so well. I hope you feel better.
lukalik021 11 dagar sedan
me too
Pradhana Rizki Wibowo
Pradhana Rizki Wibowo 11 dagar sedan
This is how an NSX should be...
verklempt 11 dagar sedan
I assume the storage between the legs is for the key
Love Girl
Love Girl 12 dagar sedan
unsocial jt
unsocial jt 13 dagar sedan
So, yall think this gon depreciate like the other models?
TheMoJoe 13 dagar sedan
Jeremy Clarkson: Its brilliant, ember orange James May: Its BROWN!
jimmy 13 dagar sedan
It's a pre-production meodel so the screens don't work... no Doug that sounds very much like the real thing.
Champ Brady
Champ Brady 13 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, after watching the mansory ferrari and the new m4 competition in all black trim, this mclaren is a nice let down
thefuller 14 dagar sedan
Its so shiny that it just looks like a plastic toy
Olekk ‘
Olekk ‘ 15 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy to call his first child a «entry-level»
Christopher Bruscato
Christopher Bruscato 15 dagar sedan
It has a door handle. Pass. What supercar has a door handle anymore?
lapamful 15 dagar sedan
Lexus recently announced their next gen RC F is going to have a V8. That gets my respect. I'd much rather buy that (as well as an LC 500) than get this. As much as I like the Artura and knowing McLaren, this will probably be another physics defying monster, it's just the principle of the thing. For as long as possible I'm not going to support this environmental crap based on ZERO science (I seem to be one of the few people on the planet that's actually bothered to look this up). And I certainly won't support the motor industry destroying itself into the mix by buying hybrids and downsized engines.
Saad Hussain
Saad Hussain 16 dagar sedan
Bruh who got finessed on Doug's auction website into paying $28k for a 7 year old 328i wagon. Its not even an LCI
Jarrett Fayer
Jarrett Fayer 17 dagar sedan
An Artura? Will Bhringer clone it next? :)
lone Ione
lone Ione 18 dagar sedan
10:00 Карман для ключа? (Pocket for the key?)
Moe G
Moe G 20 dagar sedan
I don’t like it....I’m mad cus it’s as simple as that and I’m a big mclaren fan. Good thing I can’t afford it anyway lol
Sankalp Sikka
Sankalp Sikka 20 dagar sedan
I think that little pocket on the driver seat is to keep the car key.
Sequentialed 23 dagar sedan
5:53 Doug going through ptsd of mclaren 570
Jake 23 dagar sedan
If anyone is interested in why these cars are so expensive is because the production line for these cars are so small that it cost so much to make them, not because they have to be that expensive. They technically could mass produce the hell out of Mclarens and they could be as cheap as $50k brand new, and $10k used cuz of how terribly unreliable they are. Like BMW's resell value, they are mass produced yet have one of the highest depreciating rate.
Jake 19 dagar sedan
@No depends on the level of analysis you use, btw your name is great
No 19 dagar sedan
McLarens actually aren't too unreliable
Freakshów 24 dagar sedan
could the tiny storage compartment in the driver seat be for the key? :)
NLSM Holdings
NLSM Holdings 24 dagar sedan
570s is nicer in every single way. Why do manufacturers find the need to screw up what's perfect
No 19 dagar sedan
@NLSM Holdings I still wouldn't understand why you think it's better. I've seen one in person as well and the design is more modern, it's faster, more fuel efficient and lighter
NLSM Holdings
NLSM Holdings 19 dagar sedan
@No I own a 570s and was invited to preview the Artura.
No 19 dagar sedan
What? Why? Have you driven one?
Brandon Young
Brandon Young 25 dagar sedan
Would love to see that screen move around like a gimbal! End the horizontal vs vertical battle once and for all
Brandon Young
Brandon Young 25 dagar sedan
Still no remote start?
Сергей А. Шевцов
Сергей А. Шевцов 25 dagar sedan
Чей это Макларен? Это Макларен Артура.
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson 26 dagar sedan
Enthusiasm exudes from Doug and even when reviewing the worst vehicle
OBATALA 26 dagar sedan
I can't get into McLarens... They look too regular and mundane of a car for the price. This is why Lamborghini reigns supreme and Ferrari next... We want it all! Aesthetics, speed, and handling. To be honest, I love the look of Lambos but I hate their slow ass speeds relative to other cars for exorbitant amounts of money. Give us EVERYTHING for the money... Fuck the name of the car.
No 19 dagar sedan
Handling and speed is really good and mostly actually better with McLaren.
Jose Olegs
Jose Olegs 27 dagar sedan
It kinda looks like a Ferrari on the sides
Neclar 27 dagar sedan
Do a 🦎 review !!!
Jonathan DSouza
Jonathan DSouza 27 dagar sedan
i wonder when mclaren will replace the 720s
matthew skullblood
matthew skullblood 28 dagar sedan
how hard is it to just keep the buttons and not put an ugly ass sreen
Jakepopper01 28 dagar sedan
1:13 the Tuesday on the door is missing a y
Jakepopper01 28 dagar sedan
This is probably my favorite looking McLaren since the P1
Nont L.
Nont L. 28 dagar sedan
What’s the name of this color?
Genio Torres
Genio Torres 29 dagar sedan
dog dejewwwwwww
Arpandeep Chandi
Arpandeep Chandi 29 dagar sedan
do the best budget car of the year and do this every year
Jimbo7 29 dagar sedan
Car looks great, but idk how I feel about the drive mode switches on the gauge clusters. Kind of ruins the flow of the interior
DefyYourLogic 29 dagar sedan
I wish mclaren did the three row seats in all their cars. It would make them a bit more special.
theorange leon
theorange leon 29 dagar sedan
Not interested, well the 720 in the background looks fantastic
KidBasketball Månad sedan
I saw one of these parked in someone’s driveway when I was in Beverly Hills😨
No 19 dagar sedan
myluxurylife. net
myluxurylife. net Månad sedan
Great video, great SVfromr. I just got my birthday gift, a pc of luxury bag, I like it so much, I want to say thank you to hqreps. Help me to realize my dream. Join them to grab yours now. Share to you all
Dolan Tremp
Dolan Tremp Månad sedan
That screen looks so bad lmao
Muhammad Jefry Fauzan
Muhammad Jefry Fauzan Månad sedan
So, it's use petrol or electric power?, how do if we wanna refueling?
No 19 dagar sedan
Piss in the fuel tank
Adam Gajdoš
Adam Gajdoš Månad sedan
9:59 its for the keys, duh!
Alexander Revella
Alexander Revella Månad sedan
My question for McLaren: when will we get a full on P1 successor? As the P1 was to the F1.
Colin Nolan
Colin Nolan Månad sedan
That’s a nice corvette
YaManK3nsh1 Månad sedan
Accoy Månad sedan
For Doug : "And next up" i am tempted to count!!! lol For McLaren : If you need to be an expert to tell apart the models, something is wrong! Just find some inspiration people!
Eric Elsberry
Eric Elsberry Månad sedan
I want to see the car Wizard’s impression.
clarvve Månad sedan
I am literally 72,000 dollars away from buying this :(
No 19 dagar sedan
No. Far beyond that
Rube Clayton
Rube Clayton Månad sedan
At 12:00 ... The Car Looks Like It Has Bird Droppings On It.... Is That A Quirk ... Or A Feature.??
J G Månad sedan
This really gives me McLaren MP4-12 vibes.
J.A.M Månad sedan
Omg that screen... 🤢🤢🤢🤮
Adrian rey
Adrian rey Månad sedan
Alt Title- what will happen if you fuse gt to 570s
Mr. Gibbons
Mr. Gibbons Månad sedan
Doug's friend the custodian says: "Hey come check this out when everybody leaves, okay?"
tip cee
tip cee Månad sedan
This guy sounds exactly like Quentin Tarantino
Bring the SEO
Bring the SEO Månad sedan
Christ that centre screen looks like arse
0wninguplz Månad sedan
to pay that much for a v6 turbo is bs. does not even sound good, too bad no more v8
No 19 dagar sedan
Buy a different model then
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk Månad sedan
Speaking about the car, that can't be turned on or moved by an inch, is like speaking about food wrapped in foil. Also, I don't see the point describing things we've got in our everyday cars.
A Types
A Types Månad sedan
Interior so trash, I lost interest in this car
A Types
A Types 19 dagar sedan
@No I don't need to m8, I'm a quick judge of what I like and don't like. Interior is subjective to personal taste.
No 19 dagar sedan
@A Types to properly judge the interior m8
A Types
A Types 19 dagar sedan
@No why do I need to sit in one? I don't like the interior. Lmao
No 19 dagar sedan
@A Types this has nothing to do with the fact that you haven't sat in one
A Types
A Types 19 dagar sedan
@No, I don't need to, I own a R8 V10 and I've sat in and driven other exotics on road and track. Maybe in different colors it would look better but this all black interior spec is straight trash
Xledyz The Car Dumpster
Xledyz The Car Dumpster Månad sedan
Volkswagen S cargo
JBird117 Månad sedan
Looks like a c8
thunder881 Månad sedan
Interior are still shitty, they should hire a few more designers, we've got plenty of them unemployed here in Italy
Mk1Male Månad sedan
Send them to Lamborghini, they have interiors that looks like a 3 year old created the design.
Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz Månad sedan
9:30 Perfect for me!
Atelier Augusto
Atelier Augusto Månad sedan
Hey Doug, how is going? Do you know there is a brazilian called Lucas Torres of the channel "Carro Chefe" doing videos exactly like yours? Is not similar, is igual. The way you start and the way you show the car. He is a grand plagious of you.
RAT BURL Månad sedan
Looks terrible on the inside 😒
Jarrid Gable
Jarrid Gable Månad sedan
The fact that they keep putting v6's in these damn vehicles is infuriating
Ron Forman
Ron Forman Månad sedan
All Mclarens look very similar All Ferraris are better than Mclarens F8 far superior in all ways! L
No 19 dagar sedan
Wow, that is a brash and stupid statement
FadedG0 Månad sedan
Gauge cluster moves with steering wheel you say? Got the same on my 350z
Kenny Beckum
Kenny Beckum Månad sedan
SHOOT! I got to 7:51 and I just wasn't enthused anymore. I wanted to see the magic. I can wait.
Jay Makin Gains
Jay Makin Gains Månad sedan
This car looks gorgeous. Somebody commented that the screen inside looks like a giant Apple Watch. It’s a good point lol
Scott Mercer
Scott Mercer Månad sedan
He has said THIS a lot
AshMCM - Gaming & More
AshMCM - Gaming & More Månad sedan
New Dream Car
Bix Månad sedan
Well only thing i can think of for that smallest compartment is condom.
えるたそ Månad sedan
Wait I literally saw this car yesterday at local highend mall
geoff3610 Månad sedan
Doug that small pocket is for ya vape
lancraft Månad sedan
Doug, take some very good advice; you dress like a child and should feel as embarrassed as if you were wearing only your underwear in public. You don’t need to wear a tux, but at least put on some khakis and a golf or button- down shirt. Seriously, you dress like a child-jackass. Have a little self-respect.
No 19 dagar sedan
He's fine with it
Cary Coller
Cary Coller Månad sedan
They should build a 4 door version.
Xx_William_xX Månad sedan
In Denmark that thing costs $750.000😳
No 18 dagar sedan
@Xx_William_xX that still really sucks. A legitimate reason not to live there
Xx_William_xX 18 dagar sedan
@No not really, we have some of the best healthcare in the world and the best schools all for free
No 19 dagar sedan
Commie state
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz Månad sedan
That drivers side pouch might be to store the key
Cristo Antonio Matos Rivero
Cristo Antonio Matos Rivero Månad sedan
Loving the overall package, except for the possibly do-it-all screen. Wish I had the money 😌.
Kurt Hultquist
Kurt Hultquist Månad sedan
A-dino Månad sedan
I bet the tiny storage pocket is for the key
LBNMKRS Månad sedan
Its a rebodied 12c with a v6 and a battery. Lame.
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